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Nick’s Marketing Blog has a goal to spread the knowledge I have learned through getting my degree in Marketing and through my industry experience! I want to build a community where there can be open discussion about all things marketing. The website will be mainly run by me, Nick. I, however, will have guest blogs from industry professionals on occasion to have them add their perspectives on their favorite topics.

The Sections

Nick’s Marketing Blog will mainly be categorized in 2 content sections:

  1. Colleges with Digital Marketing Majors
  2. Search Marketing Topics and Optimization

The Colleges with Digital Marketing Majors section will highlight the best programs in four different geographic sections: the North East, South East, North West, and South West. It details information about programs from some of the most prestigious universities in the nation. This includes schools such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Duke University.

The Search Marketing Topics and Optimization section will detail many of the different dimensions of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It will also offer a brief overview of how it interacts with Google Adwords. As well, it offers a multitude of resources for readers to utilize to further their knowledge.

Lastly, the General Marketing Blogs will contain information with, well… everything else marketing! It will highlight topics in market research such as survey structuring and formulation, ways to collect and analyze data, and even simple training on programs such as SPSS. It will also have detailed summaries of influential blogs from sources such as Moz or eMarketer.

Interested in Sharing Your Expertise?

Finally, are you an industry professional/academic that would like to contribute to the Nick’s Marketing Blog? Email us at: Digitalmarketingandanalytics@gmail.com with your credentials, your topic of choice, and a little information about you and we will get back to you! We encourage as many individuals to participate as possible as to grow our community! It is individuals with a passion for marketing that keep up going!

Need to Knows and Interesting Tidbits

My personal interest in general marketing lies with international marketing. This is partially due to my love of traveling. On my travels it has amazed me how different cultures advertise and market their products, services, and businesses. The most eye opening experience I have seen is with the lackadaisical nature of the Italians. Most small businesses have little online presence, and stores close for lunch time (between 12 and 3)! They stress a quality over quantity standard of business, which is completely opposite from most businesses in the States. Whenever I use a foreign reference I will try to post pictures to help add a visual aid (like the one below taken from the inside of a hotel in Courmayeur, Italy). This popular hotel had no website and there was no entrance back into the hotel past 10 p.m!

  1. Colleges with Digital Marketing Majors
  2. Search Marketing Topics and Optimization
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