5 Easy Offsite SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings

5 Easy Offsite SEO Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings

Are you having problems getting your website ranked on the first page of Google? Use these 5 easy offsite SEO tips to improve your Google rankings. The first section will go over some common backlink mistakes, while the second section will go over some powerful ways to make your content stand out.


  • Blogs

Blogs are an awesome and easy way to create natural backlinks. You can try reaching out to other blogs and offer to write guest posts in order to throw in a promo for your website. You can also insert links into the comment section, although if not eloquently placed, they could be marked as spam.

  • .Edu and Charities

One easy way to get .Edu and charity links, which carry a lot of weight, is to donate money in exchange for a link. While this is the easiest way, it is also very expensive in certain situations. Another option is to volunteer time. A friend of mine who runs an eCommerce business has donated time a couple of local charities such as animal shelters for added exposure.

Offsite SEO Tips to Improve Your Google

  • Social Media Sites


Lastly, one of the easiest and most effective ways of gaining backlinks is through social media. If you create an account that you regularly and creatively upkeep, you can gain free shares and higher return rate to your site. Choose your platform based on your target and start sharing away. Use these platforms to expand your market reach by following other similar accounts and effectively using hashtags.


  • Review Sites

Lastly for banklinks, you can use review sites to boost your page rank. While most effective review websites require some sort of payment or subscription, there are some free websites out there such as Nibbler. The plus side is this is another way to get your website critique and get feedback on some of your creative decisions.

Content Creation

Lastly, all of these backlinks will be irrelevant if you do not have quality content. You need to make sure it is original, engaging, and easy to read. You can generate an infinite amount of backlinks if you have engaging and relevant content through people sharing it. As previously talked about, you can utilize social media to increase the ease of sharing of your content.


Offsite SEO is potentially to most important aspect to page rank. If others will vouch for you website through backlinks, especially reputable websites, Google recognizes it. If you want to learn how to boost your onsite SEO check out my other post: Improve Your Onsite SEO in 4 Simple Ways.

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