About Me

About Meabout me

Hello! My name is Nick and this is a little bit about me! I started out a computer programmer at Monroe County Community College, which made me realize that I hate computer programming! I then moved away and took a summer long sabbatical to find myself. This made me decide that I needed a change of pace.

Which is where I am now as a marketing student at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. With this, my academic focus switched to market research/data analytics. So I didn’t go too far from a computer! I realized my passion for market research through a program at the University of Michigan – Dearborn called iLabs. This program basically walked me through every step in the market research process. It went through survey formulation and dissemination. It then took you through data processing and analytics. Finally, it took you through making a presentation and presenting. I enjoyed every aspect of the process (besides the deadlines!), but it was the analytics portion I really fell in love with.

How the Blog Got Started

Now you may be asking yourself, “Nick, I get being interested in Marketing, but how what made you start a blog?” The answer is simple, I love marketing and I love writing. What better way to display my two passions than to combine them into one public forum! This is why I am trying to stress community so much. I want this to be a place where individuals can comfortably discuss all things marketing! My goal is also to help any aspiring marketers get to where they are going. This is why I have the section called Colleges with Digital Marketing Majors.

If you are curious about what marketing websites and blogs I enjoy, my favorite is Moz. This Blog is probably the most popular marketing and market research blog. It has blogs from industry professionals, professors, and researchers. They also host a professional service that can do low level analytics for companies.