How to Study for the Google AdWords Certification

How to Study for the Google AdWords Certification

So you want to get AdWords Certified? The question is: How to study for the Google AdWords Certification? Well I recently walked a couple of my friends through the experience and I’m here to make the process easier for you! In this article I will go over a couple different areas:

how to study for the google adwords certification

  • Where to start
  • How to learn the materia
  • How to study for the Certification
  • How to take the test
  • What now?

Where to Start

So you want to know how to study for the Google AdWords Certification but you don’t know where to start? Well to begin, head over to the Google Partners Page and register to become a partner. Use a separate email address for your personal account as this will be your professional AdWords email. This will set up your professional Google account and give you access to be able to start taking the test.

Now that you are a Google Partner, you’ll need to start studying. Go to Google’s Assessment Study Guide. I would recommend starting by reading through all modules at whatever speed is comfortable to you. While reading make sure to:

  • Watch all of the videos.
  • Skim through the links on your first pass through the material begin.
  • Start to think about how the material could apply in different business situations.
  • Get familiar and comfortable with the content.

Once your done introducing yourself to the content, don’t take the Fundamentals test! Remember, the point here isn’t to pass the test it is to learn the material and be able to apply it in a real world situation.

How to Learn the Material

So now that you’re familiar with the content, lets start working on actually learning it and being able to apply it in real world situations.

1. Start by creating a Google AdWords account.

To do this, go to the Google AdWords home page and use the same account you became a Google Partner with to sign up. You will then have access to the Google Adwords tools.

2. Mess with keywords planner

Do this while going through the initial sections in the Google Search Module. This will give you a hands on experience and help connect a couple extra dots that may have been confusing for your initial search campaign. While doing this make sure to note the average cost per click. Search for terms that would be searched for during various product life stages. For example, look at the difference between the CPC on a keyword phrase that includes buy versus the price of a keyword phrase that uses research.

3. Start your first mock campaign

Start going reading through the modules and setting up mock campaigns. You can you your business, a business  you know, or just make something up. Adjust your target, make different ad groups, create intriguing advertisements, and check out all of the different customization options throughout every level. Make sure to do this through every module and get some hands on experience. You can also check out Youtube to help clear up any confusing topics.

How to Study for the Google AdWords Certification

So you think you know the material, huh? You think you’re ready for the test? Well heres what you’ve been waiting for: How to study for the Google AdWords Certification. Now that you actually know the material, you could just take your chances with taking the test. However, the goal here is to save yourself as much time as possible while doing this. To not only make the test taking process faster, but to make sure you do not have to take the test over, follow these simple rules:

1. Google something you are interested about.

Once you do this, click on page two or three take a look at what these digital marketers are doing poorly. Look at their title, meta descriptions, and their relevancy. If I were nice I wouldn’t encourage people to click their links, but I am going to do it anyway. Look at their landing page experience, the relevancy of the ad to the website content, and make a call on what you think their quality score is. Now that you have started to think critically, you’re ready for a practice test.

2. Go to and take some practice test

While you are doing these practice tests make sure to take your time and to think critically about the answers. The questions are very similar to what you will see on the Certification test: situational. You should have no problem considering you not only know the material, but have applied it at a low level. Now that we feel confident about our practice testing, lets talk about taking the real test.

How to Take the Test

So you think you’re ready to take the test? Well if you did all of my recommendations you will be! You will need to sign into Google Training Website to begin. I would recommend having the study guide open as you go through just in case you find yourself with any questions. Now you will have to take the AdWords Fundamentals Exam first. This one is a relative overview and should be easy given the 90 minute time span. From here you can decide which campaign type you would like to test on. I would recommend either the Search Network or the Display Network exams as they are held in the highest esteem in the industry.

So now that you are Google Adwords Certified you may be asking yourself: What’s next?

What Now?

So you’re Adwords Certified, what now? Well you have a couple of options:

  • Start applying for starting positions at marketing agencies
  • Start your own small digital advertising business
  • Continue you digital marketing eduaction

When applying for entry level positions make sure to use your AdWords certification and any related professional experience you have. Here’s the important part: If you get an interview make sure to not that you not only passed the exam, but have hands on experience with using it.

If you decide you want to start your own digital advertising business you are going to have to start small. Contact local small business and let them know what you can do for them. If you cannot get any paid bites, I would consider doing it pro-bono in the beginning. Offer your services for free to show customers what you have to offer. As long as they pay for the advertising all your losing is time, but you are gaining real world experience, insight, and a platform to actually test your skills out.

Lastly, if you descide to continue you digital marketing education you have a couple of different options. You can learn more independently through resources like us at Nick’s Marketing Blog. For example, I have a simple blog post that discusses how to make your site rank better through organic search engine optimization (SEO). There are many platforms you can learn to advertise on without formal education: Facebook is the prime example. This gives you access to both Facebook and Instagram advertising. If you want to continue your education formally, there are many great colleges with digital marketing majors. For a complete list visit my blogs post that ranks the best colleges nationally here.

Final Thoughts

Becoming AdWords certified is a cheap and lucrative way to either make a living or earn some side cash. With this resource on how to study for the Google Adwords Certification you can get there! Whether it takes you five days or a full year, becoming AdWords Certified will benefit you in the long run. It adds to your resume and gives you a unique talking point. Lastly, just knowing how the Google Advertising Network works will make you a more conscious consumer and could possibly even help to save you some cash!

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