Make Your Google Search Network Ads More Effective

Make Your Google Search Network Ads More Effective

Make Your Google Search Network Ads More EffectiveAre you finding that your Search Ads are not performing as you would like or that certain areas are over-performing others? Well with this guide we will help you Make your Google Search Network Ads more effective through making your ads more effective and efficient. We will do this through looking at a couple of  different areas in the Search Network.

Keywords Choices

First you need to look at which keywords you are choosing to include, and those that you are not looking to include. It is important to make sure you exclude words that are not relevant to your campaign for a couple of different reasons. The first is it will cost you money on irrelevant clicks if you set your campaign up for a CPC bidding model. The second, is it will increase your bounce rate as the ad is not relevant to your consumer. This will decrease your quality score, thus making you pay more for advertising. Lastly, it will increase your click through rate because your ads will be more precise, and targeted.


Next, you can increase the chance your ad is clicked on if you time your ads in placement with your business goals. For example, if you are a flower shop you can increase your spending around major holidays such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter. Another example would be for a restaurant. Increasing their spending during their open hours will increase the chances of bringing in customers and decrease the wasted advertising money on non-applicable customers.


You can also choose where to most effectively place your ads. You can choose to where to place your ad geographically, by type of device, and many other categories. The two fore-mentioned placements are the easiest and most effective to implement in most situations. Using the previous restaurant example, you can increase your advertising to just mobile devices as most customers are searching for you and your location on those devices. You can do this through a bidding adjustment. As well, serving ads in a 20 mile radius will eliminate wasteful spending.


Finally, you can choose which bidding strategy most effectively meets your goals. The easiest, and most used bidding method is cost per click, CPC. This is good for individuals first starting out with ad words as it is the easiest to diagnose problems. Another example is if you are looking for a specific action is to pay per acquisition, CPA. This is more of an advanced tactic, but gives you the opportunity to only pay when a certain action is performed. To keep the example going, imagine you are a restaurant owner. You could set up your bidding for a CPA strategy, and only pay when directions are served to your customer.

Final Thoughts

Using this guide will make your Google Search Network ads more effective and you will surely save yourself some money. If you want to learn how to make your quality score raise, consequently making your ads cheaper, you can check out my other blog: Improve Your Onsite SEO in 4 Simple Ways. If you want to know more about the Google Search Network, you can check out Google’s Study Guide on it.


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